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The Hummingbird is an almost mythical creature, a symbol of resurrection, of joy and love and beauty. A creature of open heart, independence and courage. So what has this got to do with us? Well everything. Everything we do we do for one overwhelming reason; to make the lives of all of us better. Does this sound too ‘feely touchy’? Well we do it in an extremely professional way, so we have a full head, we also have a full heart. And is this our differentiation? We’ll let you be the judge of that…

So How do you Build a High Performing Team?

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Co-creation and partnership are the hallmarks of all HummingByrd coaching engagements. Clients from all around the world choose to work with us to achieve new levels of performance, enhanced relationships and necessary change in mindset and behavior to meet both organizational and personal needs. Like any successful relationship, all coaching engagements are based on trust. Without it, co-creation and partnership simply will not happen…


So What Does Consulting Mean For Us?



It means this; we work with you to improve the skills of your people, and we work with you to ensure your company culture and organisation gives them roots and wings.

We have the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure that the culture of your company, and the competencies of your people, affect each other positively…

Team Development



Effective teamwork is critical to any business, and the really great companies have worked out how to keep teams working at peak performance.

Workplaces are made up of individuals with diversity of background, thought, styles, skill sets, work preferences and personalities…

It is time to stop losing all this knowledge and experience


Senior Rebellion

HummingByrd is proud to launch Senior Rebellion, our new department focussing on helping seniors and companies to fully leverage the career knowledge, wisdom and experience that seniors possess.
The rapid demographic shrinking and aging in Japan is well documented. A report by Recruit Works Institute suggests an 11mn-worker shortfall by 2040. Our experience shows a shortfall is already here. So what better time to rethink how to create an organisation that profits from all that experience, while enriching the lives of seniors?  Senior Rebellion is here to assist you in this worthy cause.
Reach out to Pete Long, our in-house senior, for a chat about how to start. 

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