The Hummingbird is an almost mythical creature, a symbol of resurrection, of joy and love and beauty. A creature of open heart, independence, and courage. So what has this got to do with us? Well, everything. Everything we do for one overwhelming reason; to make the lives of all of us better. Does this sound too ‘feely touchy’? Well, we do it in an extremely professional way, so we have a full head, we also have a full heart. And is this our differentiation? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

HummingByrd was born 9 years ago out of a desire to do the whole corporate training and development thing in a better way. To make it an integral part of your company’s ethos, and to align it with your company strategy in a way that made sense to all of us.

Since then we have added other departments. We have world class coaching capability, working with your execs to help them achieve the future they deserve.

We have added a Consulting arm to provide your company with advice on just HOW to skill-up your workforce, and how to ensure your organisational culture is driving forward, not holding back your best people.

We have a Strategy section, to help you plan and navigate the direction your company will take in order to reap the rewards you desire.

HummingByrd helps your company to be better at what it does, and what it will do. Get in touch with us, and lets talk about just how we will do this.