HummingByrd is dedicated to designing and delivering innovative personal development programmes that produce measurable ROI.

Tim Tout

From Australia, I have grown up with a love for people, business and fun. From my country roots in Queensland, at a young age I developed a passion for building businesses and I am one of the founders of HummingByrd Inc. My background covers doing business in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America. I am a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Australian New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Japan, with an MBA from the University of Queensland as well as other professional certifications.

I have been in leadership roles throughout my life and it is this passion to lead and my love for business, my entrepreneurial spirit that drives me to Explore Infinity. This passion for leadership and entrepreneurial spirit also drives me in helping others to also develop and challenge themselves. It also allows me to share real world experiences and partner closely clients understanding their needs. This support takes a variety of forms from Consulting, Coaching and Facilitation to Leadership and Strategy Workshops.

From the challenges of starting a business from scratch to building high performing teams and strategically positioning the business I believe that a business developed around its people will always be successful. By people, that means those in the company, those related to the company – our families and those who interact with the company in many different ways.

Andrew Shaffer

As Co-founder of HummingByrd Inc., and as a Stakeholder-Centered & Linkage Certified Executive Coach, I help successful leaders achieve positive, long-term & measurable change in behavior in their work & life that is sustained, recognized & acknowledged by others, namely stakeholders.

As an executive coach, I work with CEOs, senior-level executives & department managers from diverse cultural & professional backgrounds to explore infinity – to lead, perform, learn & effectively guide themselves & their teams to reach their bottom-line goals, exceeding both individual & organizational expectations.

A good listener & problem-solver with cross cultural understanding & creativity, I am driven by the joy many of our clients experience when using their newly acquired skills to empower themselves, enhance & build new relationships, develop new business opportunities & make a positive & lasting impact on people, organizations & communities around the World.

My extensive experience in the academic, non-profit & corporate worlds, helping people solve cross-cultural communication issues, coincides with an extensive track record as an executive leadership coach & professional development specialist. Clients have consistently commended my personable, innovative & results-driven approaches.

In the end, though, what matters most is how we connect with people. Building connectivity through meaningful interaction of both hearts & minds is truly empowering & what the world so desperately needs.

Pete Long

Hello, I’m Pete Long and I am one of the founders of HummingByrd.

Born and raised around the industrial towns of northern England, my business experience has been reasonably extensive; from negotiating with companies from various countries for contracts in the Middle East, to designing and implementing a nationwide market research programme in Australia, to management consultancy projects in Europe and the US. I have enjoyed a multi-cultural business life.

I prefer to focus on the organisation as a whole. I have seen too much money go to waste by only focussing on one area, while debility in other areas of the business drains away company value.

My MBA looked at how value is created, and destroyed in organisations, and my time at the London Business School was devoted to entrepreneurial start-ups, and how the grow-change-adapt cycle plays out.

I got into the corporate / personal development area after seeing just how ineffective it is to hand over a strategic report; implementation is key, and without the skills to effectively do this, even the most exquisitely designed strategic plan is meaningless.

So developing the ability to design and implement strategy that will increase company value is where I am coming from.

My family is grown up, so I have time to indulge my passions of music, motorbikes, and the English culinary arts.

Louise Gahan

From Liverpool, England, I have lived, studied and worked abroad most of my adult life. For over 20 years, I have been involved in assisting companies make the transition from Domestic to International, creating an open and flexible communications style in the workplace by increasing awareness of cross cultural elements to bridge the cultural gap.

As Communications manager of a Japanese health products distributor, I acquired an understanding of the importance of flexibility and the need to adjust Company strategies to facilitate a more Globally agile working environment.

I have aided companies by connecting them to clients in external markets, creating and initially implementing a communications process from which they can progress, and assisting with the ground work to launch projects. In other words, business to business, people to people connections!

As a professional development trainer, it is rewarding to me to see individuals develop their potential and acquire professional skills to set them on the path to success in their careers!

My areas of strength are Business communications, Interpersonal and Intercultural communications, people dynamics, identifying potential of individuals, Professional skills development. I am a people person. Helping others is what motivates me.

Brett Nelson

Hailing from Kentucky in the USA, Brett has lived and worked in Asia, mainly in Japan and Hong Kong, for most of the past twenty years. As a serial entrepreneur, Brett has held roles in sales and operations for a number of starts-ups in Japan and the US. In 2009, after serving for seven years as COO of Sabrinian Capital and Quantix Partners (hedge funds operating out of Tokyo and Honolulu, Hawaii, respectively), Brett extracted himself from the turmoil of the Financial Crisis and began working in the global corporate-skills and leadership-training industries in Japan. He now leverages the “real world” life-skills and business lessons he learned while managing these multifaceted enterprises to enhance the training courses and workshops he facilitates for his international clientele.

Brett’s focus as a trainer is on helping his clients to develop confidence, assertiveness, and flexibility through a better understanding of themselves, their communication styles, and their true business goals. He has run various workshops and training courses for major global corporations like AXA Life, KPMG, Mizuho Securities, NTT Docomo, Nike, Goldman Sachs, Nomura, Sony, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Sumitomo, KDDI, Kohmatsu, and Nissan, among others.

Brett is a passionate reader but also enjoys outdoor activities such as scuba diving, golfing, and hiking. He is also a wine enthusiast stemming from his days, long, long ago, as a wine salesman. He currently resides in Tokyo with his wife and two children.

Graduate of the University of Kentucky (B.A. in History; Minor in Sociology)

Financial Advisor:

Series 7 Registered Representative (USA, 2008)

Licensed Comprehensive Insurance Provider


Pronunciation Keys “An ESL Program for Better Listening and Speaking Skills” (2000)

3 Steps to Business English $uccess! “Assertive Communication Strategies for Global Business Professionals” (scheduled for publication Spring, 2016)