Human Development

HummingByrd is in the business of developing people to do better; whether that is through one of our short programmes such as High Impact Presentation Skills or on the other end of the time spectrum, through an extended coaching programme covering one year or longer.

So what do we mean by “Developing People”?

Let me give you an example. Back in England I was working with a management consultancy. We would work with our clients, firstly on the problem/opportunity to be addressed, then on the company / market / competitor / analysis that you are familiar with. Then we presented our solution to the client. The problem was in many cases that the client’s management team did not have the business skills to execute the solution. So by “Developing People” we mean making sure the people given the job of implementing the company strategy, have the skills to do so. Which is why we like to consult with our clients, which brings us to our next area: Consulting.


We like to consult with our clients for one simple reason: Effectiveness. In the duel between “Effectiveness” and “Efficiency”, Effectiveness comes first. There is no point being efficient at doing the wrong thing. There is no point in training your sales force to give killer sales presentations, if the real problem is poor negotiation skills with the buyer after the presentation. Being effective means doing the right thing in the right way. At HummingByrd, we understand business. We think business, and we are in the business of developing your people to execute your strategy in the most effective way, and we work collaboratively with you to do things effectively first, efficiently second.


HummingByrd offers a suite of programmes. These range from the short half day sessions to three day workshops. The objective of these programmes is to develop specific skills. For example Negotiation Skills; High Impact Presentation Skills; Presentation Skills; Teleconference / Videoconference Skills; Cross-Cultural Communication Skills; Leadership Skills: etc. Talk to us about your plans. We customise programmes to achieve the outcome you need.


HummingByrd’s coaching programs help successful leaders achieve positive, long-term & measurable change in behaviour in their work and life that is sustained, recognized and acknowledged by others, namely stakeholders. Our programs are fully customized to help leaders achieve their Target Business Impact, ensuring both a Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Expectations (ROE) confirmed by stakeholders.

We work with CEOs, senior-level executives and department managers from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds to explore infinity – to lead, perform, learn and effectively guide themselves and their teams to reach their bottom-line goals, empowering leaders to find creative and workable solutions that exceed both individual & organizational expectations.

HummingByrd Coaches are certified, highly experienced and driven by witnessing clients using their newly acquired skills to make a positive & lasting impact on people, organizations & communities around the World.