Effective teamwork is critical to any business, and the really great companies have worked out how to keep teams working at their peak performance.

Workplaces are made up of individuals with diversity of background, thought, styles, skill sets, work preferences and personalities. Often times in multicultural teams, there are opportunities to create synergy through recognizing the value in our differences as individuals, as well as our similarities. The key is recognizing these opportunities.

HummingByrd provides the expertise, tools and support needed for Clients to create their own unique process of team performance improvement – a process that transforms work groups into highly-trusting, highly-efficient teams that can add immediate and sustainable positive change to their organization’s culture.

HummingByrd has the experience and the passion to help teams reach their potential. Our approach includes:

* Team interviews to determine team strengths and growth opportunities
* Targeted, customized approach to each team’s specific needs
* Administration of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Team Management Systems, Saville and other highly regarded assessments
* Sharing of individual values, thought and work preferences
* Identifying trust-making and trust-breaking behaviors in the team
* Individual one-on-one mediation with team members who may be struggling to get their working relationship to the next level
* Post-program action plan monitoring and check-ins with the team

A HummingByrd Case

We assisted a multicultural Team at a European cosmetics company negotiate comprehensive plans to communicate positively & efficiently with their Japanese Materials Suppliers in order to accelerate their operations, which were often complicated and delayed by communication and cultural issues.

We engaged the Team with customized group training & coaching sessions designed to increase their cultural awareness through a series of assessments & highly realistic simulations, feedback & feed-forward action planning. This resulted in a complete overhaul of their communication infrastructure & daily routines in communicating as a team with their Japanese Supplier colleagues & prospective partners.

By the end of the program, team members reported that they had made significant progress in their communication & relationship-building, indicated by an increased number of verifiable results at meetings, quicker & more friendly communications, as well more efficient handling of operational procedures.