Leadership for Impact Management

Business Success is DRIVEN by a number of key factors:

Effective Leadership makes a big difference in the lives of people and organisations. Not simply the leader at the top, but people showing leadership qualities at all levels in the organisation. HummingByrd works with your talent pool to strengthen leadership qualities across the board. We work with groups and individuals to develop their unique ‘Leadership Recipe’, a set of behaviours while being unique to the individual, also exhibit the key elements that great leaders need to attract and keep willing followers.

• Strategic Awareness focuses not only on the day-to-day business, but also looking forward and putting in place the resources and personnel necessary to make things happen. Strategic awareness also means being aware of the business portfolio, the market as well as competitors.
• Communicating the Vision ensuring all players understand the direction of the organisation / team so that they can contribute effectively.
• Building Drive empowering the team to feel comfortable with change and global business.
• Developing Psychological Trust so the team feels safe to try.
• Self-Reflection so the individual is always improving.

This is developed through simulations either indoor or outdoor and emphasis placed on giving and receiving feedback to be comfortable in forming High Performing teams quickly and effectively. Such engagements are designed to be reflective and not a one off event.

A HummingByrd Case

In 2015 HummingByrd was engaged to help strengthen the leadership of a client with a specific focus on helping the company overcome roadblocks that were preventing the implementation of its’ business strategy.

The key objectives were:

• Identify roadblocks and solutions to them
• Build greater awareness of own leadership styles
• Build awareness of the importance of giving & receiving feedback

HummingByrd first sat down with the client to understand clearly the situation facing the company and the future vision. Through a detailed needs analysis and follow-up questionnaires to the key participants, HummingByrd designed & facilitated a 2-day workshop aimed at achieving the above objectives.

Through targeted discussion and questionnaires, the participants developed a clear awareness of their individual leadership styles, including strengths & weaknesses. They also were able to profile the leadership style of the company and from there identify roadblocks to their individual leadership. Based on this, they then worked on building solutions to these roadblocks and an implementation plan to activate their solutions.

This required a clear shared vision by all leaders on the future direction of the organisation. Each leader worked on selling this vision and handling challenges to it. They then worked on how to implement this into their individual teams. Critical to this was building a safe environment where team members felt safe, did not fear making mistakes and happily gave and received feedback.

HummingByrd conducted one-on-one follow-ups with each leader two weeks after the workshop, and a one-day follow-up workshop was held six months after the workshop.