Whether it is generating the best ideas, brainstorming the best solutions or making important life-and-death decisions for your organization, HummingByrd provides the right blend of strong business acumen and expert facilitation tools, processes and techniques to ensure your meeting objectives are met.

To ensure that your whole experience exceeds expectations, HummingByrd conducts detailed needs interviews to help you define your goals and objectives, which we then use to custom-design your meetings. Our designs include your agenda and activity flow, venue recommendations, room layout, materials and logistics.

Facilitation is part art, part science – feeling the pulse of the group dynamics, winning credibility, skillful questioning that moves the group along when it is stuck, having tools to overcome problems in idea generation and decision making, being able to resolve conflict as it arises. HummingByrd ensures that you benefit in the following ways:

* Greater time efficiency, productivity and enjoyment
* Increased participant connectivity and engagement
* More inclusive and strategic group decision-making
* Maximum participation and group buy-in
* Focused and structured teamwork and collaboration
* Offers neutral, third-party objectivity
* Shared ownership of results and action forward

A HummingByrd Case

Our Client, a leading international hotel chain, came to us to design and facilitate an offsite Leadership Team Meeting & Workshop with over 25 participants (including international arrivals.) The purpose was to design a new company mission statement and accompanying values and gather new ideas to achieve their very ambitious 2020 business goals.

To offset a potential communication issues, it was critical that they identify new ways to achieve connectivity and trust within the team, as well as build new communication channels to ensure quick and efficient movement forward, while also ensuring that everyone feel emotionally safe to share their ideas.

With highly interactive activities that engaged the leaders in thinking about the company’s culture, the first activity involved the clarifying and agreeing where they were as a company and where they need to go. Next, using the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership to trigger innovative thinking, we engaged the team in a series of interactive role-playing and teambuilding exercises where the leaders, divided into small teams, built structures out of recyclables representing their Vision for 2020, including presentations representing their expertise, vision and commitment to working together.

The results included a detailed action plan and blueprint for new action forward to realize their 2020 Vision, all the while positively transforming their internal communication processes as a leadership team.