Notice how the balloons are held down with ropes? How often do you feel this way about your talent pool; if they could release those ropes, how high would they fly? Sometimes your people need to skill-up in certain areas, they need to make more effective presentations, need to be more skilful in negotiations, need to to more artful in meeting participation and/or facilitation. HummingByrd offers a suite of skills programs designed to meet your specific and unique objectives. We focus not on ‘teaching’ but on changing behaviours, meaning our interventions are built around role play, targeted feedback and commitments to applying these new behaviours in the workplace.

A HummingByrd Case

We are working with a major Japanese trading company to develop leadership and global communication skills for all levels of the organization. In addition to working with them in Japan, we also deliver programs in Singapore. Programmes with this client are designed to deliver the highest possible quality training across multiple skills areas such as Leadership, Developing cultural agility, global team building etc. HummingByrd administers the Team Management Systems profiling for hundreds of participants. Crucial to HummingByrd training and development is that it is not just about the theory but practical and based on real job situations or simulations. Our business experience sits at the heart of the training and makes the training accessible to participants on all levels.

Concept Development

HummingByrd believes in sharing knowledge and from the outset, we aim to give our partners broad options to help them in conceptualising their needs. As we built the training programmes with our partner we first received an initial general request. Based on the request we then developed a basic programme proposal. From here, it was time for some indepth communication and we sat down together to confirm needs and how the programme fitted with the company’s overall objectives. Key for HummingByrd is understanding the full training scheme of our partner not just one programme but the full perspective so that we can deliver a programme that matches needs and delivers ROI. After a number of meetings to tighten the focus of the program and to confirm how each component would be delivered it was time to take the program live.

Kaizen – Programme Improvement

With every delivery of a programme by HummingByrd, the programme maintains its core focus but it adapts itself to the participants in the room. This helps to create ownership and faciliatate learning and application back to the job. As we deliver the programme we check in with the participants to get feedback as well as with the programme sponsors. After the programme we also work closely with our business partners to evaluate the programme and do process improvement. This process has been key to us building successful programmes with our partners and building strong relationships with all key stakeholders.

ROI / Follow-up

As a crucial part of the programme delivery is the post application of the skills back into the participants jobs. This is something we at HummingByrd hold dearly and we do our best to support participants’ post training in what ever way we can. Part of this post training includes participants developing live action plans that they regularly update, through self-feedback and feedback from others. Throughout all our programmes, time is allocated to extensive feedback and action plan development. Depending on the type of programme, there may be follow-up after an agreed period to reconfirm commitments and coach on challenges. This approach allows for the training to stay alive and at the front of participants minds, delivering a ROI for the participant as well as our business partner.