About Me

Born and raised around the industrial towns of northern England, my business experience has been reasonably extensive; from negotiating with companies from various countries for contracts in the Middle East, to designing and implementing a nationwide market research programme in Australia, to management consultancy projects in Europe and the US. I have enjoyed a multi-cultural business life.

I prefer to focus on the organisation as a whole. I have seen too much money go to waste by only focusing on one area, while debility in other areas of the business drains away company value.

My MBA looked at how value is created and destroyed in organisations, and my time at the London Business School was devoted to entrepreneurial start-ups and how the grow-change-adapt cycle plays out.

I got into the corporate / personal development area after seeing just how ineffective it is to hand over a strategic report; implementation is key, and without the skills to effectively do this, even the most exquisitely designed strategic plan is meaningless. So developing the ability to design and implement strategy that will increase company value is where I am coming from.

My family is grown up, so I have time to indulge my passions of music, motorbikes, and the English culinary arts.

Sample Clients: Dupont, KPMG, SC Johnson, Sumitomo Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation Asia & Oceania, University of Tokyo

About Me

Co-founder of HummingByrd Inc., I help successful leaders & teams achieve positive, long-term & measurable change in behavior in their work & life that is sustained, recognized & acknowledged by others, namely stakeholders.

As an executive coach, I partner with CEOs, senior-level executives & department managers from diverse cultural & professional backgrounds to explore infinity – to help them lead, perform, learn & effectively guide themselves & their teams to reach their bottom-line goals, exceeding both individual & organizational expectations.

As a coach supervisor, I provide practitioners (as supervisees) a tailored learning opportunity that can benefit their professional practice through a process that generates insights, reflection & action.

As a trainer & facilitator, I design & deliver fully customized seminars & workshops that center on providing attendees with powerful & reflective learning experiences that help them perform at levels never before considered.

A good listener & problem-solver with cross-cultural understanding & creativity, I am driven by witnessing clients using their newly acquired skills to empower themselves, as well as build relationships, develop new business opportunities & make a positive & lasting impact on people, organizations & communities around the World.

My extensive experience in the academic, non-profit & corporate worlds coincides with an impressive track record as an innovative & results driven coach & trainer, substantiated by client feedback.

Sample Clients: Allen & Overy, BlackRock, Cartier, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, L’Oreal, Mars, Pfizer, Richemont, Royal Canin, Takeda

About Me

I am a business leader, organizational consultant and business developer. My partner Sachiko and my two boys, Tenshin and Taisei are my grounding forces along with my two co-founders, Andrew Shaffer and Pete Long. I grew up in country Queensland, Australia where through my family’s encouragement and support I developed my entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for leadership and building businesses. From an early age, I was involved in my family’s business and in 2013 founded HummingByrd Inc. in Japan with Andrew and Pete.

I have been in leadership roles throughout my life and it is this passion to lead and my love for business, my entrepreneurial spirit that drives me to turn Dreams Into Actions. This passion for leadership and entrepreneurial spirit also drives me in helping others to also develop and challenge themselves. It allows me to share real world experiences and partner closely clients understanding their needs. This partnering takes a variety of forms from consulting, coaching designing and facilitating of a variety of workshops.

As a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, I believe strongly in the importance of ensuring good governance, pro bono support of young leaders and continuous learning.

From the challenges of starting a business from scratch to building high performing teams and strategically positioning the business, I believe that a business developed around its people will always be successful. People means, those in the company, those related to the company – our families and those who interact with the company in many different ways.

Sample Clients: Dupont, IHI, Kyowa Hakko Kirin, NCR, Sumitomo Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation Asia & Oceania