New Clients

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Well HummingByrd continues to grow and grow. We have starting working with more clients over the last few months. A major Japanese bank, a global pharmaceutical company, a global soft drinks company, a major Japanese media company, and more global industrial companies based in Japan. As we continue to grow we are expanding into new business areas. HummingByrd is in the business of developing people, and by extension, in developing companies. We are good at the cross cultural stuff, so we are expanding this area to include Corporate Identity and developing corporate strategy for multi-cultural corporations.

Corporate Identity means how the company is perceived by all it’s stakeholders, and different cultures perceive things in different ways. Remember when Procter and Gamble started selling Pampers in the Japanese market, they used the same image of the stork delivering a baby that they used in the US, which confused the Japanese customer, because in Japan babies are delivered on huge floating peaches. And because communication and strategy are so closely integrated, we help companies with strategic process too.

Just one example, but cultural awareness is now more important than ever, particularly in this age of constantly evolving social networks; and HummingByrd is in the business of developing culturally savvy companies.