I am always fascinated by the fact that many of us approach the world from a negative perspective usually subconsciously. You may disagree with me on this but let’s do a little test. Over a day, take some time to track your communication and interaction with others. Count how many times you say “No” or scold or use “but”. You will be surprised at how many times you do it without thinking. We might not mean to communicate this way but we just simple things that create negative feelings, responses or unintentional hurt in others. This can lead us to operating in this cyclical environment, which is not only demotivational, it also impacts psychologically on our health and how we define our rules for interacting with others.

Here are 5 actions we can take that will help to build positiveness in ourselves and others. They may seem logical and with practice they can become apart of your daily life.

1. Don’t Say NO
To say “NO” is easy and we tend to do it quickly without listening to the reasoning or thinking behind what is being communicated.
Take time to ask questions and hear the idea of the person talking.

2. Greet with Happiness
Start the day positively through a positive greeting. This is such a powerful way to influence others and yourself in how you approach a day.

3. Be There
This may sound strange for some, however just the simple act of being there for a colleague or someone special is very powerful. It can be very motivational and more to the point great teamwork.

4. Take Action
If you see that something is not working or might be missed, take action. Do not say it is not my responsibility or that is “XXXX’s responsibility. If this happens then there is a high chance that a mistake / error will happen. Help each other and make sure to give feedback and communicate about the actions required.

5. Play
Finally, PLAY! Can you remember how to play? What about laughing? Create an environment where work is play and play is work. This means as a team we have to understand the key rules that essential to building successful communication and teams. These rules are best built with the team together and form a part of the values that the team embraces. Celebrate successes, personal events, and turn work into fun.

Now to create these changes!
Now it is your turn – try starting today to do more of these actions with those around you and spread that postiveness with others. Make it become a habit and you will be surprised with the benefits it will bring.