Imagine the situation where an M&A isn’t delivering the forecast results. Or where management teams cannot capitalise on a business opportunity. Or where a management team isn’t delivering but no one is sure why.
Business is about people, people getting together to work out how to do better, how to do more, how to do something fantastic – and at the heart of this is communication. Sometimes communication challenges get in the way of really great performance, and sometimes communication challenges aggressively destroy value.
HummingByrd works with companies to improve how effectively communications work in a company or team. Communication is like the blood in a body, like the oil in an engine, when communications are smooth and open and appropriate to the culture, things go well, but when communications aren’t flowing well, then problems happen.
HummingByrd works with your team to identify what needs to be done to get from here to that fantastic goal. We then develop a cost effective range of HR development initiatives to get things moving.

A HummingByrd Case

We worked with a global company to develop a part of the organisation to be in a better position to deliver on the CEO’s vision. This vision was to to increase the percentage of global projects (global projects meaning projects completely outside the domestic area). This required cross-BU activity, increased M&A activity, and creating new revenue streams through foreign companies not yet connected with the domestic company. Up to this point new business activity was initiated from HQ. HummingByrd’s brief was to enable regional management to deliver on this vision. This required HummingByrd to provide a strategic framework for local management, by which they could analyse and develop new project initiatives in line with HQ’s global mandate.