Leadership at its best is a form of individual, organizational & social transformation that is based on competence and trust. HummingByrd’s Coaching work is founded upon the need to positively transform how people communicate and do business globally, helping leaders know themselves and who they wish to be, and lead from a place of self-awareness, transparency, confidence, curiosity and vision.

HummingByrd’s Coaching programs are fully customized & designed to help leaders achieve positive, long-term, measurable change in behavior in their work and life that is sustained, recognized, and acknowledged by direct reports, peers, and senior leaders. We work with C-suite executives, senior-level executives, and department managers from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds to explore their leadership development – to lead, perform, learn, and effectively guide themselves and their teams to reach their bottom-line goals, exceeding both individual and organizational expectations.

HummingByrd encourages Clients to be more versatile and to experiment with new ways of leading that best reflect their values, vision, skills, preferred styles and personalities. We are driven by witnessing clients using their newly acquired behaviors and skills to empower themselves, as well as build relationships, develop new business opportunities, and make a positive and lasting impact on people, organizations, and communities around the World.

HummingByrd believes that leadership is defined by the choices leaders make – and we empower leaders to make their choices strategically while minding their “Target Impact” and balancing their own needs and vision, the needs of their organization and the needs of those the people lead and stakeholders worldwide.

A HummingByrd Case

We helped a senior leadership team at a multinational financial services company improve their meeting performance and global visibility through a series of individual coaching sessions designed specifically to each member’s development needs.

HummingByrd engaged the Team using a 5-step process:

1. Identify goals, target business outcomes and measures to ensure growth with HR, the coachees and senior managers – confirming full understanding, alignment and buy-in for the program

2. Conduct and debrief assessments identifying the coachees’ strengths and development opportunities – including 360-degree Feedback, Team Management Systems (TMS) and Saville Assessments (depending on needs and expectations)

3. Create individual development plans for the coachees that outline development targets, key action steps / behaviors and expected outcomes, confirmed by the senior managers and stakeholders

4. Execute and integrate individual development plans with the coachees, ensuring regular progress, management of development barriers and regular feedback with seniors managers and stakeholders

5. Measure progress and sustainability with re-assessment interviews, performance and feedback reviews, regular monitoring and check-ins with coachee, senior managers and stakeholders

In addition, we engaged each coachee in highly realistic simulations, feedback & feed-forward action planning. Meeting twice a month (at minimum) we were able to fully support all team members in implementing their development plans, including on-demand Skype sessions, strategic planning sessions and post-performance debriefs.

By the end of the program, senior managers and stakeholders reported significant improvement in the coachees’ global meeting facilitation, participation and discussion skills, coupled with increased confidence and leadership presence.